“The value of this software is amazing, there is part of you who thinks it’s too good to be true!”

Demetria Enhance Skin Care & Hair Removal Specialists

[CBC show=”y” country=”nz,au”]$4[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”uk”]£2[/CBC] [CBC show=”n” country=”uk,nz,au”]$3[/CBC] per staff per week.
No contracts, no minimum term.

Easy to change.
We’ll move your client & appointment data to baxus for free.

Made for salons & spas.

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Book it

Clients come first, not time slots. baxus knows it. Choose the client, check history, select time, drag, drop. Easy. That’s just one way to book – there’s more. baxus has it all: mini-website, online/Facebook booking, rooms & equipment.

b_sell it

Sell it

You do the creative, we do the boring. baxus has all the vitals to keep the heart of your business beating. Services & products go out the door with fewer clicks and more ease. Trick security will keep fraud at bay and your money safe – that’s how it should be.

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Market it

Let’s not overcomplicate it. baxus teamed up with MailChimp. Harmonious, seamless, flawless integration… Deliver fresh, responsive emails to specific clients when it matters – whether they’re regulars you’re up-selling or those you haven’t seen in 6 months.

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Report it

Track, manage, and win. Manage your team, clients, rooms & equipment. Break it down – sales, rebooking rate, and client average spend. baxus lets you keep  it custom so you can measure what counts, not what doesn’t.